Address Minato-ku, Minami
Aoyama 1-15-19
Grand Mezon Nogizaka
Tel/Fax: 03-3401-9466

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday:
11:30~14 L.O
18~22:00 LO

Closed on Sunday

Children: over 10 Years old


Genuine, Unaltered Sicilian Flavor

The most notable characteristic of Sicilian cuisine is the abundant use of seafood that comes from water surrounding the island. Every morning, Chef Nino goes to Tsukiji Market to buy fresh fish and bakes fresh bread himself, which is an important accompaniment to Sicilian cuisine. Not only this, but every spice and every bit of material used in the ingredients are bought with Sicilian authenticity in mind, in order to provide share this experience with our customers.

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Nino Lentini